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Happy New Year!

Your getting to this post means that you really mean business with wanting to monetize who you are, online. I celebrate that about you.

I am ready to coach new start up thought leaders in 2020.

I will be exposing over 15 ways I make money online, have made money and all the things I did to ever get paid.

I will be demystifying how the hustle online works and why it may suit you for life.

I will show exactly how it hype, no jargon, no breeze over...

And there will even be more. Let me help you find them out.

It is a school for the new soon-to-be super star online start up business owners.

Please pay attention to the information below to ensure you are the right fit.

I am your coach:

If you have always wondered, and maybe even asked to no avail how it is possible that people make money from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Blogs, Whatsapp, etc

If you woke up in 2020 and realised that you are ready to hit the ground running about doing an online business that will suit your personality, life goal and impact the world.

If you love to learn and invest in internet data and won't mind investing to produce your own content rather than just consume

If you have cried after paying for trainings and attended because they 'didn't come down' to your level of understanding.

Then you are in the right place....

1. You have a niche market already
2. You have an email list with subscribers, a blog following, or have made money from them.
3. If you have ever been paid by selling ANYTHING online
4. You have an online product now


I created this because I have been at this stage before and many people have also been asking me for years, and instead of answering one on one, I thought "why not get it done with a group of equally passionate people that will also support one another to greatness''. That's my 10 days special offering!

Yes it will be a 10 days session:  5 days of training and 5 days of one on one assessment and coaching sessions, only available on first come, first serve, basis.

Value of this coaching is $7,000 (N2, 555, 000) but  I'm sponsoring it almost 100% and giving you access for just $14 (N5000) to show commitment.

I'm also opening this up from now till January 22, 2020 and not taking any more persons after Jan 22 for effective personal coaching.

Applications open: Now 
Applications close: Wednesday, Jan 22, 2020
Payment of N5, 000 can be made HERE
Venue of coaching: 100% Online (video based)
When will this course start: Friday, January 24, - Sunday February 2, 2020

WARNING: Please if you do not have time to learn now, or do not have money to invest in starting any of the businesses I will be showing you and or maybe you don't like social media interaction with amazing people, DO NOT APPLY.

If you read and understood, all of the above, and feel this 10 days  comprehensive course is for you, then pay here to secure your space.

I can't wait to welcome you to class.


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