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I started off my first blog setting it up as business, maybe that is why I do not know how else to blog. I do not blog as a hobby, and will say I have mastered how to even blog a hobby and make money from it.

The truth is, whatever you have as a product, service or solution, there are millions of people in the world who need it and will be grateful to you for providing access to it through your blog.

I landed my first copy editing deal from a UK resident in just a few months of setting up my blog. Did you also know that I got paid to edit her book, got paid more to offer more services which I employed experts to do (book cover design, layout design, ISBN, Audio book etc), and as an appreciation, I got a gift of two brand new shoes.
Yes, there are people waiting to pay you, and still appreciate you for providing solution to their needs, and a blog will help you reach them in real time and in various places.
I still have never visited the UK, and never met that my client years after, but have stayed in touch.

So if you are still wondering why you need a blog, or why you need to blog your business, I will say, because you are not a local champion, people globally also need you, and your products.

In Africa, many business owners are yet to realise the power of a blog. Some have a blog feature on their website but have never written anything. In fact, they do not have a blog strategy to help their business marketing.

Reasons why you need to blog abound but a few of them include:
-        1.  Positioning yourself or business as a number 1 in your industry, and because money follows attention, you gain more.
-         2. You get more global exposure and become visible to International prospects who can turn to customers easily as your blog nurtures them
-        3.  You have opportunity to create more streams of income
-        4.  You become sought-after as new people find your posts daily, and see what you have for sale too.

Don’t get into 2020 without a Blogging income strategy, let me teach you to set up yours when you register before November 30, 2019. 

Startat just N90, 000 ($250) now. It becomes N237, 250 ($650) in January, 2020.


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