Meet Kevin Oduah  The Brain Behind KOB; Kevin Oduah's Blog

Need for first hand information? Fair & Balanced information and News as it breaks, Lifestyle,Inspiration,Entertainment,News,Media Gossips,Motivational Talk, Fashion,Tech News &  Much More.... 

He Offers a whole package in Infotainment just to keep you informed with authentic  happenings as it breaks... His vision is clear and simple! He believes that you should be rightly informed because it is your right to know.

His Knack for perfection and Excellence speaks a whole lot..
Check Kevin Oduah's Blog at at and catch the Bug!

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ike ani said…
his profile is so cool. he's got a good look too depicting the genius in him. his blog is so cool with a great focus on its description here.
Mercy Ebute said…
Visited KOB and it's just on point. Great job, LBN.