Be Transformed Soul, Mind and Body with Wellness Blogger, Theodora Eromobor

Theodora Eromobor blogs at When asked what the idea behind the blog is, she had this to say.

"It is one woman’s journey along with others in the quest for weight loss and self makeover. 
It’s a start at bringing people together into the open, into the light, opening their eyes into the endless possibilities, releasing them from the stronghold of depression and emptying their baggage into the realm of a total positive transformation. 

TransformedSMB aim and goal is to bring a positive light to individuals who are in search for the transformation of their spirit, mind and body.

Our vision in the short term is to bring people together with the goal of a total makeover of their body, soul and spirit through hard work, diligence and effective communication and team work. Through various mediums on this blog like videos, Podcasts, pictures, ebook...

The Long term goal is to own a Fat Farm (Hotts Transformation Camp) never before imagined in Nigeria, West Africa and across the Oceans, where individuals and families can come and experience total well- being, cleansing and rejuvenation. It would provide Spa treatment center, a well being restaurant, exercise and fitness centre, boarding facilities, swimming facilities and a Makeover clinic.

Need we say more?

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