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Motivational Blogger Ike Ani, Loves Kids Too

Today we bring you another Star Blogger on LBN. He is the very handsome, Ike Ani. Ike Ani is a freelance writer, motivational speaker, teacher, acoustic guitarist/songwriter who loves to relate with the simplest occurrences of daily living to show ways to personal development. He also loves kids.
Twitter: @inspire700
Phn: 08066170953
Instagram: Go ahead, go check him out at

Toke Bright Brings Professionalism to Blogging; The Brain Behind is a blog for keeping up with Entertainment news, Business and lifestyle.
I'm sure you'd want to find out more about the latest on social media, you get just that there. She is a Quantity Surveyor, an Entrepreneur and a blogger.
Making a positive difference in every situation is Toke's motto. Go ahead and click Then tell us all about it via Twitter @Loginbloggers
Instagram: loginbloggersnetwork

Mazino Oyolo of is a Techy To Connect With

Our star blogger for the day is Mazino Oyolo Kigho. is his personal blog for keeping up with business brands and social media. If you want to find out more about the brands, business, or latest trend in social media, then follow Mazino's blog. He is  a non practising microbiologist, a blogger, social media marketer and web content creator/ Online publisher. Check out that blog and give us feedback on Twitter via @Loginbloggers And Instagram -Loginbloggersnetwork

President Ufuk Dialogue, Kamil Kemanci Speaks to Bloggers in Abuja on Developments in Turkey

During a press conference yesterday July 26, 2016  which one of our correspondents attended, the President of the Ufuk Dialogue, Kamil Kemanci made statements condemning the coup that occured in Turkey on Friday, July 15, 2016.  In his statement:
We, Ufuk dialogue, strongly condemn the attempted military coup that occurred in Turkey, on Friday the 15th of July and reiterate that there is no place for military interventions in democracy. The attempted military coup to overthrow the Turkish government was an act of military aggression and injustice. We have always supported the development of Turkey’s democracy despite the increasing anti-democratic practices in recent years. Ufuk promotes Hizmet Movement (Gulen Movement) philosophy which has advocated for, and demonstrated commitment to peace and democracy for more than 40 years. We have consistently denounced military interventions in domestic politics. Democracy, rule of law , peaceful co existence, freedoms and human rights are the core…

Michael Alonge is one of the Pioneer Bloggers in Nigeria, Manages Two blogs With Consistency

Our star blogger today is the most experienced in our network. He is a phenomenon!
Alonge Michael, is an online news entrepreneur and publisher of and, and since 2002 he has used the online media effectively. He is also the convener of Bloggers Night Out in Lagos amongst other initiatives. Check him out and let us know your findings. Twitter @Loginbloggers
Instagram - Login bloggers network

Nobel Carpets Set To Encourage Bloggers in Nigeria With Awards

Nobel carpets & Rugs, is set to lavishly award bloggers around the country for their flair for writing in its latest competition. The competition tagged ‘the Nobel Bloggers’ Contest’ expected to last till July  29th 2016 is specially designed to ignite, engage and motivate  bloggers to be creative and original individuals with their ideas, concepts and writings. Speaking on the competition, General Manager, Lucky Fibres Mr. Jitesh Pamnani, stated that this contest will offer a platform for originality and creative thinking to bloggers across the nation, to showcase their writing skills.

Jenny CHISOM is loud about great brands and heads, Logos Audibles

Our blogger of the day is Jenny CHISOM, the face behind the Enterprise and PR blogs Jenny CHISOM Blog and Land a buzz! She loves helping out with business information and as a great brand publicist she is loud about great brands. Aside blogging, she heads a Brand and content marketing company, Logos Audibles and with her team spearheads lots of empowerment initiatives. Do follow her blogs and Do let us know your take via Twitter @Loghinbloggers and Instagram - loginbloggersnetwork

Chukwuemeka Okereafor, multi blogger, multifaceted personality for Nigeria's development

Naija Magazine Online is a professionally-managed news and current affairs page spiced with gossips, gists and events in Nigeria. It is run by Chukwuemeka Okereafor, a development communications specialists, media content producer, director of ceremony, celebrity blogger and well sought-after motivational speaker.
Chukwuemeka also writes a motivational blog, 'The Next Level with Chukwuemeka'. Check out his blogs and
Do let us know the vibes you got. Twitter: @Loginbloggers Instagram: loginbloggersnetwork

Olasunkasnmi Fakeye, blogs Telecom and heads Foskaay group

Our star blogger today is Olasunkanmi Ayomide FAKEYE. He is a Web Design/Digital Marketing,  VAS, Blog and Brand Consultant of  Foskaay Enterprises Group.  Blogs on Telecoms/Tech at and Latest News update via Go check him out!

Be Transformed Soul, Mind and Body with Wellness Blogger, Theodora Eromobor

Theodora Eromobor blogs at When asked what the idea behind the blog is, she had this to say. "It is one woman’s journey along with others in the quest for weight loss and self makeover. 
It’s a start at bringing people together into the open, into the light, opening their eyes into the endless possibilities, releasing them from the stronghold of depression and emptying their baggage into the realm of a total positive transformation. TransformedSMB aim and goal is to bring a positive light to individuals who are in search for the transformation of their spirit, mind and body.Our vision in the short term is to bring people together with the goal of a total makeover of their body, soul and spirit through hard work, diligence and effective communication and team work. Through various mediums on this blog like videos, Podcasts, pictures, ebook...The Long term goal is to own a Fat Farm (Hotts Transformation Camp) never before imagined in Nigeria, West Africa and acr…

Fashion meets Photography, that's the Ordinary and Art craft by James Emmanuel

James Emmanuel is our LOGiN Blogger of the day!He is a sought after fashion blogger and a professional photographer for Ordinaryandart. He is sure a lover of fashion. His blog is at
Hurry to savour his creativity! Do not forget to let us know via Twitter @Loginblogger, and Instagram - loginbloggersnetwork

Protocol, Good governance, and Security got a Facelift with Alfred Ononugbo's Blog

Alfred Okwudilichukwu Ononugbo is the personality behind the blog blog is a good governance watchdog and civic advocacy platform. Alfred is a passionate social, Protocol and security commentator.
Do read his blog and let us know what you think. His blog is sure one, you will stick to, if you love Nigeria and want to be a leader with a difference.Twitter: @Loginbloggers
Instagram: LoginbloggersnetworkLogin Bloggers Network rocks!

Mom Blogger, Deka Uhiara, lets you into her world

Deka Uhiara popularly called Deka is a stay-at-home mom living in Abuja. According to her "I am a lover of God, fashion and everything beautiful. This is my diary where I share my imperfect mommy moments, struggles, highs and lows and hoping that another mom will say "hey!!!, me too". I love you for reading".Hurry to for the spicy content she 'bakes' just for you, and trust us it does not matter if you are not even a mom or even female.Tell us all about your experience!
Twitter @LoginBloggers
Instagram: Loginbloggersnetwork

Meet Kevin Oduah  The Brain Behind KOB; Kevin Oduah's Blog

Need for first hand information? Fair & Balanced information and News as it breaks, Lifestyle,Inspiration,Entertainment,News,Media Gossips,Motivational Talk, Fashion,Tech News &  Much More.... He Offers a whole package in Infotainment just to keep you informed with authentic  happenings as it breaks... His vision is clear and simple! He believes that you should be rightly informed because it is your right to know.His Knack for perfection and Excellence speaks a whole lot..
Check Kevin Oduah's Blog at at and catch the Bug!

Still showcasing our finest bloggers at LBN.  Let us know your thoughts on Twitter @LOGiNBloggersInstagram: Loginbloggersnetwork

For the Love of Nigeria and Beauty: Meet Blogger, Mercy Ebute

Yay! Our second LOGiN Blogger is here! Her blog is at "The blog is basically for inspiring patriotism and love for our country home Nigeria. Plans to rename/rebrand is ongoing", she said.Mercy is a Nationalist and Interior Design blogger who is focused on sharing vital information and inspiring change for her dear country Nigeria. #YESWECAN. Get on her blog and let us know what you love about it!The Interior or the Nation building aspect then go ahead to tweet us your view @LOGiNBloggers.Instagram: Loginbloggersnetwork

Meet Anthony Adejoro of Motoring Nigeria Blog

Do you love cars?
Do you drive and want to understand your car?
Do you know the latest trends in Autos or wanna start a car business? Check out Anthony's blog at for all your needs. Yes, he is dope like that! Showcasing our finest bloggers at LBN. is an automative blog that deals with the passion of driving great cars. It is a one stop online portal for petrol heads, drivers and other road users alike. We are committed to fueling your automotive passion with the best of car news and reviews, events, drivers-ed and motorsport.

Adejoro Anthony is a fun loving young male who is passionate about making positive change to Nigeria's automotive industry through the promotion of Motorsport and motoring media. He is currently the Chief Editor of Carvolution Magazine by Motoring Nigeria.

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