LOGiN Bloggers Network Unleashed to Bridge the Digital PR Gap

Hello, we started a Whatsapp group and thought to recast our vision here.

This is the official LOGiN Bloggers Network which is a network of bloggers who are trained or are partners in the vision of the LOGiN Blogging Enterprise Project.

Just like Ezekwesili, a LOGiN Blogger aptly put it "I guess this group is to build a network of bloggers who can speak to culture, make money and support brands." And yes, that's exactly what it's about.

LOGiN Bloggers Network was established in 2013 to provide capacity for bloggers and help build an income earning network. It is an alumni of all bloggers trained in the programs and those who partner with any of the network's events/projects.

This network organises the Bloggers Party Nigeria, the Social media job fair, the BlogSmart trainings and hangouts and Social media meetups which some of you may have attended.

We are forging a great alliance, helping our blogs grow, then pitching this network of bloggers for Ad projects/campaigns for organisations and people. Do work with us to keep your brand on autopilot success.

Note that we are an Independent Network of Bloggers, not a political association, so that helps us stay neutral and objective.

We are bloggers who are helping develop Nigeria and Africa too. This house is always buzzing with ideas...

To join us either as a blogger or client, send us a brief bio to loginbloggersnetwork@gmail.com. Twitter @LOGiNBloggers

Jenny Chisom