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Happy Easter

May this Easter bring you laughter and Joy in Jesus Name, Amen! Truly, He is risen and alive forever more!

Social Issues Put Under the Spotlight from New African Blogger Awards Categories

The third annual African Blogger Awards competition that opened for entries in mid-February has announced three new categories for social and digital influencers across the African continent.

The new categories – opened in association with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation – aim to raise awareness of social issues that affect the continent. The new categories are: ⦁Women and Girls’ Empowerment ⦁Public Health ⦁Social Issues and Active Citizenship
The three new categories will raise awareness of bloggers, YouTubers, Instagrammers, Facebook and Twitter account holders who are passionate about reporting stories about women and girl’s, public health and social issues. For the first time, they have the opportunity to gain recognition for the essential work they do in highlighting important issues.