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David Yusuf, Sunny Davids, Mike Omotosho, Matilda Oke, others amongs 7 Abuja CEOs Who Sponsored Bloggers Party Abuja 2015

The 3rd Bloggers Party Abuja that held at the exquisite Sandralia Hotel on Wednesday, Dec 16 has remained on every bloggers lips and that of guests and sponsors but that is just a hint of the whole pack.
You know CEOs make any nation rock, and here are the 7 who made it happen. They gave cash, resources, equipment, their time to make it happen.

Mr. Ibukun Onabanjo

Mr. Onabanjo is a popular Abuja sound engineer who owns Buski Liberating Ltd and provides sound for most top notch events in Abuja and across Nigeria. This man provided the sound infrastructure that gave life to the biggest bloggers party in Nigeria yet.

Mrs Matilda Oke
The awesome entrepreneur and CEO of Dream Weavers Events gave cash to sponsor the party. She believed in this project and even at short notice, made sure that her support and impact was felt. Her team who were dressed elegantly also attended the party and gave us that sparkle and organisation that they are known for.

Dr. Mike Omotosho
This philanthropist who is a mentor of youths and have always supported development across Nigeria is the CEO that owns the Sustainable Healthcare Initiative, Mike Omotosho Foundation and amongst other things, he is the Governor of Rotary Club in charge of over 23 states in Nigeria. This man put his cash where his mouth and heart is, when he gave cash to make the party happen.

Mr Maqfos Shekwonye
CEO of Maqfos Media did not send his staff to document this party, he covered the event by himself. His photos and cinematographic services is sought after across political, religious and the creative industries. Pictures from the Red carpet and the ambience photos are courtesy of this organisation headed by Maqfos.

DJ LIndz
Originally known as Fred Emmanuel, this DJ kept the party alive and bubbly all through especially with its interjections that made the comperes dance like this. DJ Linz is an ICT programmer and brings that to music and sound.

Mr. Sunny Davids Onovo
The CEO of Soulmedia Communications sponsored the party with his cinematography services, as his organisation and media team were hands on covering the party in motion pictures and more. Soulmedia produces Development platform on TV as well as published the two magazines "Market Speech" and "African Strides". This CEO was also a sponsor of the 2014 Bloggers Party and received a "Thank You" plaque for their contribution to the development of bloggers and media in Nigeria this year.

David Yusuf
The CEO Career Intelligence, David Yusuf spearheading a scientific method of ending unemployment and unemployability in Nigeria sponsored this party at the Gold category. Ending unemployment requires job profiling to stop job mismatch and he decided to partner with bloggers in Nigeria through this event. Talk about the connection Social media has with nation building (Employed youth) and you know why he staked his money to make this party happen.

We are grateful to you all!
The Bloggers Party Team


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