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Bloggers In Nigeria Take Responsibility for Nation Building: The 3rd Annual Bloggers Party Abuja

In what is an anticipated 3rd annual edition of Bloggers Party Abuja, hosted by LOGiN Bloggers in collaboration with Abuja Events and Places Blog, Nigeria's online practitioners and stakeholders have shown to understand synergy.

The Bloggers Party was birth to fill the need to give a direction to Bloggers and have them network with brands in an informal atmosphere and comprehensively forge alliances.

What started as an alumni project of a team of bloggers trained to form the LOGiN Bloggers Network in 2013, have expanded to become a theme-focused, learning party and hosted blogger-speakers like Charles Novia, Simon Ateba as well as enjoyed brand partnerships of Vogue Pay, Soulmedia Communications, Givers Club, Kitua fashion Kollections and others. World class photographers like RESH and Ndubuisi Nsoedo have documented the annual parties leading up to the biggest event yet, this year 2015.

The Bloggers Party has become the biggest event hosted by bloggers for Nigerians across sectors and Abuja have become an ideal city, hosting bloggers across Nigeria from upbeat Lagos and even bloggers from cities like Awka, Anambra State.

Scheduled to take place at the picturesque Sandralia Hotel, tucked away at the Jabi district of Abuja, Bloggers Party 2015 will have discussions revolving around "Social Media and Nation Building" determined to encourage a more responsible use of social media with an aim to fast forward Nigeria's development.

This year's party, will also appreciate brands who have associated with this event throughout its existence.

Speaking to the initiator of Bloggers Party Nigeria, Jenny Chisom, she expressed fulfillment in the acceptance that the Bloggers Party has enjoyed in Abuja and expressed optimism to see it go to other cities of Nigeria and keep solving real challenges especially for brands.

"For me, Bloggers are the conscience of society just like any mainstream media and social media users should be. I see Nigeria's development skyrocket when online publishers especially bloggers who are my first constituency, tell our own stories especially the progress we make as a nation and together, we can tackle Nigeria's challenges head on. Blogging can look like fun, but it is real work hard and can become even much more offline relevant and that's part of the aim of Bloggers Party in Nigeria"

It's a black tie event, that will feature lots of fun. You need to be at the party on Wednesday, December 16, 2015.

Enquiries:, Whatsapp 07089893159, SMS 08098626128


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