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Carmudi Nigeria Organizes Free Seminar for Bloggers in Lagos

Talks About the Importance of Blogs and Online News Platforms in, Nigeria's number one online automobile marketplace held a seminar at its Lagos office on Thursday. The event which was tagged "Attracting the right clients to your online space", aimed to help improve the blogging sphere in Nigeria and also educate bloggers on how to generate income from blogging.Biodun Makinde, Marketing Manager at Carmudi Nigeria, welcomed the participants of the seminar and shared with them his views on the importance of blogging. After the seminar, he commented, "Nigerians are shifting from offline to online in all areas of life, from reading news to purchasing cars. This event was a perfect opportunity for us to share our learnings on how best to reach readers online." The seminar included a mix of lectures, discussions and case studies. The lectures were delivered by the Biodun Makinde, a renowned digital media strategist, media consultant, public spe…

"Blogging Smart" Summit in Abuja is now May 23

A change of date, yet a more compact and impactful blogging smart session!Join other writers, bloggers and information analysts to discuss Blogging and Earning as well as unlearn what you may not be doing wrongly as a blogger.4 sessions, 4 facilitators, 1 venue on Saturday, May 23, 2015.Venue: Lamonde Hotel, 1 Buchanan street, Wuse 2 Abuja.Fee: N5, 000
Enquiry: 07089893159,

Blogging Training in Abuja - LOGiN Bloggers Network

Everything is going online in a bit! They are already online you say, right?Your magazine business, TV, Radio, Seminars are changing to conventions like blogs, Online TV and Radios, podcasts, and Webinars etc.Think!
In 5 years time if Jesus tarries, would you still have a Job, or remain in Business?New Mums, wouldn't you rather learn skills to help you work and earn from home while catering to your children?Everyone seems to be blogging abi? 2 years time the number will still double.This May from May 9th, every Saturday in Abuja, you can invest in an 8hours that you will remain grateful about.Sessions will expose you to Blogging and niches, how to make money blogging, how to make your impact as an NGO, from 3 seasoned facilitators. Fee: N20, 000Register Today, Call 07089893159or email