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Social Media Job fair & Certificate Training, Enugu

How on earth can social media improve my life and put food on my table? That’s the flair of the Social Media Job fair, Enugu. 

Social media is a life saver! It creates jobs and increases enterprise participation and more, and that’s what the LOGiN Enterprise Project is all about. The Social Media Job Fair is a part of this project geared towards bridging the knowledge gap between social media  existence and maximal deployment.

The LOGiN Enterprise Project is an empowerment project of Logos Audibles Enterprises set up as a direct response to providing a holistic social media enterprise development and support services for individuals, small and large organizations in Nigeria.

Since its establishment in June, 21 2013, the LOGiN Enterprise project has groomed bloggers of note and many other brands who are LOGiN Enterprise Project alumni and with partnership form the LOGiN Bloggers Network.

The brands of this network include:

-        The Intending Bloggers Workshop
-        Bloggers Master Class
-        (City) Bloggers party
-        LOGiN Bloggers Awards and fellowship
-        Social Media Job Fair & Certificate Training
-        #Biz of Blogging online/offline training

Since the inception of this initiative on June, 21st 2013, this brand has hosted 3 intending bloggers workshops, 1 bloggers master class, hosted the 1st Abuja Bloggers party and also an online Business of Blogging training. 

With the flag-off of the DIP Consulting sponsored Social Media Job Fair Enugu, the fair will feature: 

-        Employer vs employee interface
-        Social media entrepreneurship training,
-        and corporate social media officers/ managers grooming.

The Job fair is a 1 day free interactive and knowledge-trade session that precedes a 2-day practical social media certificate training workshop holding from the 18-20th of June. This will put Enugu internet savvy population on the world map.

With seasoned facilitators and social media endorsers like Cynthia Anaele, a Physicist and event coordinator, Jenny Chisom, an entrepreneurial blogger, Edwin Biayeibo, Pastor and Radio host of “Lean on me”, Michelle Nini, Enugu top blogger and the handler of the twitter profile @coal_city who gives a scoop of Enugu to the rest of the world; the coal city sure got a facelift with youth participation in enterprise and viral marketing.

The Social Media Job Fair is moving to cities across Nigeria and will deliver on: 
Providing Jobs, Providing capacity to human resource marketing, while expanding publicity frontiers for brands.

 It is historic as we applaud the commitment of the Enugu state government for an enabling environment for a knowledge-based internet powered project.

Event: Social Media Job fair and training
Date: June 18-20
Venue: hall C, Universal Hotel Enugu
Twitter: @LOGiNBloggers
Host & Title Sponsor: DIP Consulting Ltd
Contact: 07089893159


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