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#BizOfBlogging BBM group training was a pioneer for bloggers in Nigeria: The whole story + Day 1 Transcript

The LOGiN Bloggers Enterprise Project which I and my team started in June 2013 to help bloggers to maximise their impact especially in Africa, launched a BlackBerry Group 2-day session tagged #BizOfBlogging on March 22-23, 2014.
To further authenticate that the world's office space is further shrinking and going virtual, we carved out this eProject, that is aimed at making learning and implementation better and break the barrier of location. This training had 47 bloggers from Owerri, Makurdu, Lagos, Abuja, Ibadan, PH and more participate. We had case studies, lectures, tasks, and blog business boosters and of course a viable network that has birth more collaborations and friendships.

The #BizOfBlogging Day 1 Lecture transcript is as follows: Blogging is an online media platform that is unequalled! I discovered this in 2009 when I set up my first blog and then got editing jobs from people in the US and also a movie translation job from a TV content comp…