LOGiN Bloggers Network is the umbrella that brings together all bloggers that are groomed by the LOGiN project team and have registered as member blogs too.

The LOGiN Bloggers Enterprise Project is a cause spearheaded by Logos Audibles, an innovative Content development and Publishing Support Service Company that prides in editing, packaging and publishing most top notch Nigerian Authors.

As a give-back to society initiative and campaign against unemployability and unemployment while promoting Nigeria business brands, the project was birth on June 22, 2013 in Abuja with the aim of sensitising young Internet savvy Nigerians on the use of the online tool - weblog,  popularly called blogs.

The Project runs the LOGiN Blogging Enterprise sessions that are practical workshops for Intending Bloggers (monthly) and Bloggers Master Class (Quarterly). These sessions equip participants to decide on their online brand, how to market it and position their businesses and ideals as global brands. They learn to set up and design their blogs, use gadgets for effects, market , develop original content and create an enterprise effect.

Participants from any or both of these sessions are automatically registered members of the LOGiN Bloggers Network (LBN) and also participate in the organisation and hosting of the annual LOGiN Blogging Enterprise Summit and Awards.

The latest LOGiN launch was at Calabar, in Cross River State in Nigeria. To get a franschise for your city, click HERE.
To register for a workshop as an Intending Blogger, click HERE and to register for Bloggers Master Class, click HERE and fill out the Contact Form.


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